Happy Easter! {Celebrate with Free Printables}

I absolutely love Easter! As a kid I looked forward to the egg hunts, the baskets in the morning, and going to my grandparents' church in a brand new fancy dress. Decked out in my new hat and gloves, I would eat up every admiration and compliment that graced my 6-year-old ears. Now, as a … Continue reading Happy Easter! {Celebrate with Free Printables}

Think Spring: 5 Tricks To Banish Winter Blues

I love Maine. And I love winter. But there is a point in any relationship where there CAN be too much of a good thing. We're there. Here we are, just days away from March, and there's still snow up to our front porch! Today was yet another snow day, and we have more┬ástorms lined … Continue reading Think Spring: 5 Tricks To Banish Winter Blues