5 Reasons to Love Grove Co.

Subscription boxes have recently become a thing, and as much as I'm always super excited to try one, there's always that risk that they'll send you something you don't want or can't use. I'd just find myself wishing that I could custom pick my personalized box with products that I needed and that it didn't always have to be the same amount of money every month, that it could be flexible. THAT is the biggest thing that I love about Grove Co.ย 

Spilled Milk {teaching your kids how to deal with failure}

"No use crying over spilled milk", the saying always goes. Which is true... unless you're the one who spilled it OR you're the one that has to clean it up. That was how my morning started today, and I'm beginning to wonder who ever thought that was a good thing to say in the first place. Whoever they were, they obviously didn't have kids! However, they might have known a thing or two about grace.

Finishing Deployment Strong

I was tired. Not lonely, hysterical or even sad tonight. Just tired. One of the many unexpected side-effects to a long deployment is an emotional numbness that creeps in toward the halfway mark. I missed my husband. I hated living alone. I couldn't wait for it to be over. But there was nothing I could do about that, so I climbed back into bed and went to sleep. Welcome to the second half of the deployment. The unexpected truth? It's harder than the first.

My Baby You’ll Be {the journey through miscarriage and recovery}

"There is no heartbeat." Those words have echoed in my ears over and over again. I'll never forget that terrible day; how I waited for an ultrasound to confirm my doctor's fears... how I then drove to my husband's office and we cried together in the parking lot. Loss never looked this real before to me. Death never hit me so hard.

The Ultimate Baby Products List {favorites from a mama of 4}

Contrary to popular advertisers’ opinions,ย there are many, MANY baby products you can absolutely do without! This list, however, is not one of them. As a first-time mom, I was the ultimate sucker for a good commercial. I bought the Boogie Wipes (fantastic but not necessary), the wipe-warmer (my husband literally laughed me out of the room on that one), and the most expensive diapers…. for the first two weeks. Then I got smart and realized there must be a better way to be a good mom besides stocking up on every product that’s suggested on the registry website. There are, however, some major life-savers that I wish I had known about before I needed them! Now that I know, I keep these products in stock CONSTANTLY. I’m telling you, a few of them have literally changed our lives!